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Welcome Home by Rene Saucier

Welcome Home is song one can easily put in a flashback sequence in a Capra-esque film. It's a country rock style, easy going tune, that makes this critic imagine a sunny drive to the Hamptons with the top down  wearing cool 70's shades.

The acoustic guitar and mandolin play around each other with great simplicity and ease. The mix is near perfect; every instrument is heard and clearly and everything is in the right place.

There is soul here. It's instant and calming. The length is just long enough to want more, so repeated listening is furthered.

The song instantly places one into a melancholic sentiment, but without the cheesy groan that so many others do; this is why we chose this song as one of our favorites. 
It's done so well it makes song production look easy, when we all know how hard it can be.

What's missing; yet without real need, are lyrics. 
I would like to hear someone try and put lyrics on this, just for my own interests; yet
Welcome Home stands on its own, as an instrumental; in a way it captures the imagination enough that the listener subconsciously puts words and images to the song; 
like a Rorschach test.

Easily placeable in the Film/Television market, and kind to the ears;
Welcome Home, by Rene Saucier, is one of the favorites around the office.


Link To Song and EPK

Artist Info

Music has been part of my life for as long as I can remember!!!!! There was always music and dancing around the house when I was growing up!!!!! I got my first guitar when I was 14 years old!!!!! I've been hooked ever since!!!!! I played in bands for years, but now I just like to write and record my music from my home studio!!!!! I especially like Christian music!!!! I hope you all will like my songs!!!!!! God Bless You!!!!!!!! ---- Rene

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Scifidie - by Vertigo Shock

This song falls under Art Rock, There is a place for music like this, If you're into 80's new wave; Brian Eno to Devo, to the B-52's then Scifidie by Vertigo Shock (is this name an oxymoron? vertigo shock?) should be on your ipod.

Its a weird song that sounds like a strangley good mix of Fred Schneider of the B-52's singing with an 80's cover band; but instead of singing the prewritten words, sounds like the Fred Schneider voice is improvising.

I would think this song would be hard to find in the world of radio, but rather easy to find in the stockpile of music a true connesuer of would have in his collection. Its a song you pull out to your friends and say "you ever heard of these guys" and play to impress them.

If you want to listen to something original and have a smoke break from the monotony of what you've been listening too, i guarantee this will, for the moment, give your ears the well deserved break.

Link to the song and EPK:

Vertigo Shock was created by the mind of Saehwan Koo. The name says it all. It is sensory overload. It is a fusion of raw talent and a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, syndrome. Dubbed “The Mad Scientist”, Vertigo Shock creates life from his thoughts and sensations. These performances are events. They are performances utilizing stage lights, props with a theatrical setting. Glits, glamour, you name it, Vertigo Shock gives it to you.

Ready to Go ft. Walk - by Intellect

Great Hook. Ready to go ft. Walk - By Intellect also ft. 
A great hook, that sticks and won't let go.

This song is a great mix of danceable hip hop beats and lyrics that roll out of Intellect's mouth and and all over the dance floor, making feet move and bodies flail; careful not to elbow your dance floor neighbors.
Well written and produced, this song is one you may probably think you've recocognized from the top 40 station in your town; NOT because it's like all the others or un-original, but because it belongs there.

This song make no claim to be anything other than what it is. A straight up dance, till you fall on the floor tune, that gives you room to breath; and thankfully, doesn't last 7 minutes. 

Its just long enough that you want to hear more; a clever trick that is hard to pull off. It's prefect at 3:36 seconds; because really, after listening to it 3 more times because you want to hear the poetry in these lyrics, you'll find it's ten minutes later and all you want is more.

Very well written. The beats of the music mixed with the beats of the singer, the fast and perfectly placed rhythm of the rap/words is not only melodically enjoyable but if i'm allowed to intellectualize this song, I'd say that the clever production/timing and the rapper's carefully placed beats (when i say beats here, i mean beats like an actor takes to break up a soliloquy or a long shakespearian speech) makes the song that much more enjoyable.

A link to the song and EPK:

Talking about going back to his roots...Intellect comes with a whole new sound to set himself apart from the rest of the hip-hop world. Something classy, jazzy, and smooth; "I See," which is produced by Cool Ethan Productions and engineered by and recorded at Nossaic Productions Studio will set the standard for those who pursue "true" hip-hop. Born in Pensacola, FL, October 14, 1983, even as a youngster he was always into music. Intellect sang and participated in All County Chorus with his school choir all the way up until the 8th grade in junior high. He loved writing poetry and free styling at lunch with his friends. After spending a little bit of time in the Army and saving some money he figured it was time to get busy. In 2004-2006, Intellect got heavy into battle rapping and cypher sessions, then in 2007 he heard something was the most "soulful sound" he had ever heard on an instrumental. A few weeks later "It's Like What" was created and recorded at Nossaic Productions Studio in Tampa, FL. At that moment Intellect found his "place in hip-hop." The name Intellect spawned from people always referring to him or his lyrics as something for the intellectual types. His music is about more than today’s talk of girls, clothes, etc. It goes back to the roots of what being an emcee means. You know smooth, melodic, intellectual music speaking on life, his love for music and everything in between…"Real" hip-hop. So here he is today giving you raw unabated energy in every track that Intellect conceives.

I Am Winter - by Sam Butler and Nelson Bogart

I Am Winter - This song by Sam Butler and Nelson Bogart is a beautifully crooned and performed tune that hits you right in your emotional cortex (wherever that is) and bleeds you melancholic. 

The voice of Sam Butler bring you right back to the long lost days of Mowtown and the detroit sounds of the early 60's and late 70's. 
There is so much in this man's voice, he could sing the phonebook and still keep your attention. 

The music by Nelson Bogart, is simple, contained and smart enough to affect the vocals rather than overpower them. They provide a landscape that Mr. Butler walks through with one of the most emotive voices heard today. 

If you've heard Sam Cooke sing A Change Is Gonna Come (which i would love to hear from these two) then you know where I Am Winter is deeply rooted.

There is another " Butler " that this song evokes and that is the great Jerry Butler who's famed voice and songwriting finds his foil here in Sam Butler and Nelson Bogart. 

I wouldn't be surprised if they were somehow related.

This is a 5 star song.

Link to the song and EPK

Singer Sam Butler, a past member of Clarence Fountain and the Blind Boys of Alabama, is currently promoting his new album with Clarence Fountain.
Writer/ performer/ producer Nelson Bogart was a New York session player (guitar and trumpet) recording and touring internationally with Jazz, rock and new music groups, including "Live Aid" with Hall and Oates, Mick Jagger and Tina Turner, Dave Brubeck and the Brubeck Brothers, Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul, and a host of others.
He now spends his waking (and dreaming) hours writing and producing.

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